November 2023

Climate scenario anxiety highlights legal risk

Explore the growing importance of climate scenario analysis, driven by initiatives like NGFS and ISSB standards, and its implications across financial, legal, and policy domains. Delve into the critical questions for market operators amidst concerns over scenario accuracy, ensuring effective decision-making in an uncertain climate landscape.

Does ESG really matter--and why? Mckinsey's
November 2023

Companies Need to Start Adopting Sustainability as a Legal Duty

Sustainability as a legal duty?

A fundamental reset in investor-corporate relationships is underway. Sustainability threats to economic systems are prompting a paradigm change in our understanding of how directors’ and investors’ legal duties apply. This piece, co-authored by David and published by Bloomberg, looks at how.

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Does ESG really matter--and why? Mckinsey's


December 2022

Leading with purpose of the PRI annual conference 2022

With keynote from Emmanuel Faber, Chair, International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB)

Plenary -  Leading with purpose: asset owner expectations for the next 10 years

New climate commitments, greater reporting expectations and tighter manager monitoring are changing the relationship between asset owners and asset managers.

Does ESG really matter--and why? Mckinsey's
December 2020

David Rouch at Queen Mary University of London

David discusses key themes in The Social Licence for Financial Markets.

Does ESG really matter--and why? Mckinsey's


July 2020

Change how people feel about finance, Bloomberg Daybreak Europe, 13 July 2020

In order to reorient financial markets towards social goods we need to change perceptions of finance. David Rouch tells Daybreak Europe's Roger Hearing and Caroline Hepker that regulation has a place, but so too does a recognition of finance's social purpose.

Does ESG really matter--and why? Mckinsey's